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SaharSoft offers :

  • Data entry (Map digitising, Map scanning , Bulk/batch loading, Assignment of basic attributes to each feature, ...)

  • Data validation (Identification/correction of topological errors, Identification and correction of tabular data format, ...)

  • Map Data management (Georeferencing, Edgematching of map sheets, Rectification/conflation of layers, ...)

  • Attribute Data management (Relational Data management, Link (join) basic attribute to main database, Establish connections (SQL, middleware) to secondary databases/systems, ...)

  • Data processing/analysis (Proximity analysis, Spatial joins, Network analysis, Raster analyses , Generalisation/smoothing/dissolve ,Digital terrain modelling, Secondary analyses (on DTMs such as : drainage, flow, slope/aspect) ,...)

  • Geodatabase Design

    Enterprise-GIS implementations present unique challenges to geodatabase design and often demand tight integration with data warehouses, business intelligence systems, and legacy data management systems. We have experience in development of GIS databases, which meet or exceed requirements of end users.We develop designs of databases in direct cooperation with customers. SaharSoft has extended the geodatabase model into a cohesive, global geographic database that takes care of the full lifecycle of every feature and can be tightly integrated with each organization’s unique user needs and technical architecture.We provide the best solutions in data automation which meets strict requirements of end users, using an appropriate range of precise instrumentation.

  • Data conversion

    SaharSoft maintains incremental data conversion strategies allowing us to familiarize and automate less expensive layers of maps during the first phase of realization. This also provides a basis for fast-track development of common and high-complexity solutions like mapping of incidents, routing and generating basic maps.
    We assure customer communication through all levels of the database development process. We provide quality control and warranty for data conversion. This guarantees that a customer’s investment in GIS digital databases will flow into the smart spatial features with attributive easy to read schemes of encoding, and meeting specifications of technical design.

Please Note : Our converted files are completely hand drawn and no auto recognition is done.




TC-GIS (GIS for telecommunications)


SF-Editor (Shape file editor)




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