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We offer GIS applications development to help our customers with a reasonable price. We strongly believe that each client has a unique need to using GIS and ONLY tailored applications could help them in this case.

We have developed TC-GIS (GIS for planning and analyzing telecommunication networks) that is being used in nearly all of the Iranian telecommunication companies.

Our GIS applications are independently designed from the other traditional GIS softwares  and SaharSoft  is the absolute license beholder. We develop custom software applications for our customers according to their specifications.

We takes advantage of the latest advances in software engineering, programming languages, and techniques to implement innovative solutions for our customers. Our staff has a strong IT background with a solid foundation in the theory behind programming languages and different paradigms. All solutions offered by us are based on a standard methodology of application development. This assures strict compliance of the solution to customer requirements.

All projects implemented by us are developed based on an extensive chain plan “engineer-developer – user”, conceptual model design and encoding development of prototype, delivery, documentation and training provision.

SaharSoft provides maintenance of the whole life cycle of solution including:

  • Identifying functional capabilities of the system/software

  • Development of database, source for input/output

  • Model designing, workflows, user interface

  • Designing hierarchy/structure of the software

  • System, technical and user documentation; maintenance history, user help

  • Obtaining and drafting input data, development and entering the database

  • Generating program codes, testing of separate component parts

  • Integration of software and hardware elements

  • Integration testing, alpha/beta testing, acceptance testing

  • Installation routine development, hardware/software installation, configuration check up

  • Adjustment of appropriate software, preparation of training program

  • Troubleshooting, user help/software user guide

  • Project design information research

  • Assistance in project assessment/evaluation and identifying staff qualification requirements

SaharSoft is expanding the business based on new technologies and development methodologies.

As the Internet/Intranet becomes more familiar to people, we have recently developed many web-based applications for our customers. We develop Web-based applications using third parties’ Map Servers or software components such as ArcIMS, ArcGIS Server, etc.

Our software engineers are available to help you do everything from automate frequently performed, or systemically-driven geographic processes, to creating custom applications. Custom applications help you free up valuable resources by creating more efficient, automated ways to accomplish critical, yet routine, tasks. We even provide training and support to ensure your success.

Do not judge about our software before contacting us!





TC-GIS (GIS for telecommunications)


SF-Editor (Shape file editor)




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