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Do anything everyday and you're bound to get good at it. That's at least part of the reason we think we can do a great job for you. When implementing GIS, whether it be all new or just a new piece added to an existing system, you want to get it right the first time; mostly though you want to get it right.

Your GIS must meet the needs of your organization. To do that, it's got to perform as best it can perform. It needs the appropriate security and backup, and it has to work flawlessly with every other part of your system. Further, it must provide a solid platform for future technology growth so the system will perform flawlessly tomorrow as well.

GIS Implementation is a job and a mighty important one. It's what we do everyday and we're good at it, we're thorough too. In simple terms, here's how we approach GIS Implementation.

We are quite experienced in consultancy at all levels of GIS product realization. Our consultants offer GIS solutions based on deep understanding of the specific details and problems of GIS mapping projects. Available system resources and on-line projects allow GIS Center to design the model and application workflows before implementation

A successful GIS implementation requires strict adherence to a time proven chronological task steps. SaharSoft has extensive experience in GIS implementation.

For a successful GIS implementation we  :

  • Conduct a Requirements Analysis

  • Develop a Pilot Project as proof of concept

  • Design logical and physical data bases for the land base

  • Develop the mapping specification

  • Acquire a quality base map

  • Set up GIS organization

  • Acquire Hardware and Software, and train personnet

  • Develop the data base design to support the identified applications

  • Develop applications from the prioritized list identified in the Requirements Analysis document

  • Develop procedures and standards for data conversion

  • Convert data to support applications being developed

  • Develop data maintenance policies and procedures

  • Develop applications for other users and increase the user base over time

  • Implement a fully integrated system comprising all departments within the organization/institution, incorporating the programs developed in the previous phases.

We work directly with our customers, up to their satisfaction. We provide feasibility analysis of projects in order to help our customers minimize the cost of GIS solutions through maximizing existing computer and human resources. Return on a customer’s investment will be driven by increased personnel productivity, additional income and increased availability of information for detailed analysis.

We are results-oriented. We assure results by defining our objectives, evaluating all options, identifying resource needs, selecting the best options, and managing our implementation. We know the importance of technology in developing new solutions. We strongly believe that the management of organization and cultural change are equally important. Our motto is to apply the best human and technology resources available to accomplish the desired objectives for our clients and us.





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