Surveying (ground control and utility surveys) has been an integral part of the SaharSoft since the company was formed . SaharSoft provides these survey profession :

  • Boundary and cadastral surveys

  • Total station topographic surveys

  • Route and alignment surveys

  • Construction and cross-section surveys (from road design to precision layout and quality control)

Being a client focused organization, SaharSoft's combination of survey equipment, personnel, and computer resources allow for the tailoring of the project approach to match the Orders of Accuracy and precision requirements for each project.

  • Topographic Design Surveys
    Existing ground surveys of parcels as small as an acre or as large as a county have different requirements. The data collection methods are driven by the purpose for which the survey will be used and the accuracy required. Topographic ground surveys are used for detail and accuracy for volumetric calculations.

  • Route and Alignment - Plan and Profile Surveys
    Route surveys for plan and profile sheets have been one of SaharSoft's major tasks since our inception. In support of all aspects of route design, we are experts at ownership research and determination and offer the ability to create the acquisition documents for right-of-way and access. Because of SaharSoft's numerous clients requiring plan and profile sheets, an integrated system has been developed to facilitate creating accurate drawings. This system incorporates the Coordinate Geometry data input from survey, total station data (such as crossing data) from the field; GPS control data and topographic data. This creates a complete digital file, showing not only visible entities, but ownership and right-of-way information as well.

  • Boundary / Cadastral Land Surveys
    SaharSoft is experienced in all aspects of boundary and ownership surveys. We perform courthouse research, monument research, and boundary surveys.

  • Field Survey
    SaharSoft provides design, supervision and project management for the field survey solutions.

  • Mapping
    Accurate and valid data is a guarantee of a successful GIS solution. SaharSoft uses the latest technologies for collecting and manipulating GIS-ready data.




TC-GIS (GIS for telecommunications)


SF-Editor (Shape file editor)




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