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 SF-Editor is a mapping and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) software for use with Microsoft Windows.
 SF-Editor has an extensive set of features to create, edit, export and analyze Esri Shapefiles.

why should you use SF-Editor …?
You can Create and Edit maps. SF-Editor is for people who need a tool to create/edit maps.
If you have complex GIS maps which need to be changed every time (such as utility maps), SF-Editor is your best choice.
Ease of use. you do not have to be a GIS expert. Within hours, you can learn how to draw, edit and print maps.
Powerful features. Behind the simple, clean interface, experts and students of GIS will find a wealth of functions for manipulating vector data .

SF-Editor can be used as a stand-alone desktop application or in a client-server configuration. It can be connected to the ESRI ArcSDE Geodatabase.
SF-Editor includes advanced functionality to build line and polygon topology to systematically identify and correct topology errors – such as polygon holes or overlaps, dangling line nodes, unconnected line intersections, etc. from shapefile map layers.
Besides the reasonable license price, SF-Editor is intuitive to learn and use, which can significantly reduce user training costs. SF-Editor can be learned from the tutorials and help files which are accessible under the program’s Help menu. The user interface is provided in 2 languages (Persian/English).

SF-Editor can connect to any type of database throught the ODBC. So you could link your personal database, even in a remote system, to your shapefile database.This feature will anable you to analyze a database within your map.

Editing Features:

  • Edit already existing or create/digitize new shapefiles.
  • Open/display ESRI ArcSDE spatial database map layers, export ArcSDE data to other supported formats.
  • Update or create vector shapes by importing x,y coordinates from a text file, spreadsheet.
  • Import x,y points data from a CSV file as a points shapefile layer, with attributes
  • Special shapefile drawing tools: rectangle, rotated rectangle, quadrilateral, circle, right angle, freehand drawing
  • Shapefile editing with distance/bearing measurements
  • Snap vertices to already existing vertices during when editing or digitizing new shapes (Endpoint, Midpoint, Center, Perpendicular, Nearest , …)
  • Editing tools: Trim, Clip, Extend, Move, Copy, Offset, Beak, Array, …
  • Vertex editing: Move, Delete, Add, Delete group
  • Line smoothing mode using B-Splines
  • Splitting and unions of vector shapes
  • Merge shapefile layers into one (very fast)
  • Create buffers and convex hulls and use to perform spatial selections
  • Advanced filtering tools, e.g., shape type, spatial extent, selection, and/or attribute query (using SQL Builder), to extract specific data from a shapefile layer.
  • Edit shapefile attribute information directly within the map.
  • Export/import shapefile attribute data to/from a spreadsheet or database file
  • Unlimited number of layers.
  • User-definable symbols.
  • Curved, masked, and outline text and other text effects.
  • Edit attributes of found set.
  • Build polygon and polyline topology layers and use to systematically identify and correct geometrical errors in shapefile layers .


  • Live data capture (NMEA and Garmin)
  • Download waypoints and tracks.
  • Live tracking of moving points.
  • Ortho-rectify aerial photography using GPS control points.

Viewing Features:

  • Open the attribute information of any vector map layer as a table in the data panel; perform advanced queries against attribute values
  • Zoom in/out, pan, Dynamic zoom
  • Definable layer visibility zoom (scale) level
  • Visual layer property control for all aspects of the layer appearance (colors, styles, polygon fills, outlines, symbols, labels, etc.)
  • Custom render thematic maps based on vector attribute fields
  • User defined scale for viewing/printing
  • Add, remove layers in a project; unlimited number of layers
  • Advanced labeling features to control fonts, sizes, colors, dynamic positioning, etc.
  • Use TrueType symbols for points.
  • Hotlink (Picture, Movie, MS-Word document, Project, URL , Email)
  • Present data as bar and pie charts
  • Spatial querying
  • Advanced attribute data presentation, querying, and selection with the data panel
  • Measurement tools for distance, area, and perimeter


  • Print and print preview
  • User-defined page templates for high-quality accurately scaled prints.
  • Auto Multi-sheet printing of large maps with key map.
  • Copy visible extent of all layers to Windows clipboard using the EMF meta format



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SF-Editor (Shape file editor)




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